The Principal

Fred Travis is the Principal of Bizfit Management Systems and has had a career as a professional engineer, designer, lecturer and management consultant. He has post graduate qualifications in control engineering and qualifications in quality auditing, quality technology and total quality management (TQM). He is also a Fellow Member and past Councillor of the Australian Organisation for Quality (Queensland) and some of Bizfit’s associated consulting partners are also members of this organisation.

In the 1980s Fred worked with the Queensland Government in advising companies on good management practices and was trained in Total Quality Management through the National Industry Extension Service (NIES). In 1985, he wrote Queensland’s first book on quality assurance (Understanding Quality Assurance) which helped to simply explain what quality management really was and how it should be adopted.

In the 1990s, Fred was the Quality Manager for the Master Builders Association Queensland providing training and system development and consultancy assistance in quality management for Master Builder members in Queensland, Northern Territory, Tasmania and South Australia.

In 2005 he was awarded the Mike Ahern Medal by the Australian Organisation for Quality in recognition of his contribution to quality management over many years.

His experience is gleaned from his occupational activities in manufacturing, design, building and construction, engineering, government and his lecturing experience at the QUT and in delivering various quality management system development and internal auditing training courses in Queensland and other Australian States.

He is able to draw on the resources of fellow quality management professionals where projects are complicated, large or involve other specialised activities. However,  we specialise in assisting small companies who do not have the necessary resources and need a simplified system..

Bizfit Management Systems has helped in excess of 300 small and large businesses all over Queensland and the Northern Territory to acquire recognition through their implemented quality, safety and environmental management practices and continues to assist many of these companies to maintain their systems.

Bizfit Management Systems has had experience in preparing management systems for companies in the fields of:

    Architecture (Landscaping and Structural);
    Engineering (Structural and Mechanical);
    Manufacturing (Processing, fabrication and printing);
    Construction (Domestic, Industrial and Commercial).
    Land Management (and ecological rehabilitation);
    Software Development (including ISO 10007);
    Medical Suppliers (including ISO 13485)

Bizfit Management Systems provides a free follow up training service to clients to make sure that they understand what they need to do to fully comply with  standard or code requirements and how to not only achieve this but also to do so in the simplest way.