Services Provided

The services provided by Bizfit Management Systems over the past 32 years include:

  •    System Diagnosis
  •     Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001 compliance)
  •     Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (AS 4801 compliance)
  •     Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001 compliance)
  •     Risk Management Systems (ISO 31000 compliance)
  •     Systems Internal Auditing
  •     Pre-Qualification Systems
  •     Training (internal auditing, system assistance and staff lectures)
In all of the above-listed services Bizfit Management Systems provides a free follow up service to assist clients to understand what they need to do to fully comply with the relevant standard or code requirements and how to achieve this in the simplest way.

We specialise in assisting small businesses to develop uncomplicated and simplified management systems which are appropriate to their business and yet still compliant with international standards.


We can diagnose a company’s existing management system and identify areas where improvements can be made or where they require changes to enable compliance with appropriate standards. These improvements can be implemented in accordance with international quality management standards so that market-place recognition of this is also achieved. They can also be tailored to the company's own management requirements. Such a diagnosis can help a company address its management system development using its own personnel resources for any upgrading.


Bizfit Management Systems assists companies to achieve good management practices in a practical way without compromising the company’s current operational activities but ensuring good controls and good measurement of outcomes.

It is only natural that these systems should follow the internationally recognised ISO standards so that the implemented systems are more widely recognised but often companies need a little more documentation where there are no measurable or auditable controls existing. This means that, in many cases, there is no need to change the company's operations but some simple additional documentation may be needed to provide evidence of control. Even existing documents may be suitably modified to meet compliance needs

Bizfit Management Systems assist companies to gain from such system implementation and ensure that the system provides the company's key operational controls. This is because the implementation exercise develops a culture of recording which can enhance the ability of management to identify possible improvements.

We have been providing this service since 1985 and have successfully assisted companies all over Queensland, Northern New South Wales, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.


Since January 2012, Australia has developed a harmonisation of occupational health & safety obligations and practices throughout all States and Territories. We now have consistent requirements across the country for Federal, State and Local Government activities. The AS 4801 occupational health & safety management standard still applies but there is more emphasis on obligations, commitment and responsibilities. AS 4801 compliance deals with more than just having OH&S documentation available since it requires that procedures be prepared to show how these documents and associated activities are managed. Such additional management controls can be incorporated within an existing quality management system and we have already assisted a large number of companies to do this.

Occupational Health & Safety should be applied to all businesses and even office environments where hazards exist around workplaces, refreshment areas, reference libraries and electrical equipment, etc.

Bizfit Management Systems can also carry out internal safety audits and provide safety reports


Environmental management may simply involve compliance with local authority requirements for the control of  soil erosion, waste materials and waste water, contamination of water discharge, land fill and rubbish removal. It can also require the development of an Environmental Management Plan indicating the company's proposed methods of control of environmental aspects of a project or process.

However, large construction projects, where the client is a developer, may require the client to show complete environmental management practices and impact analysis for new developments involving additional controls for flora, fauna, soil degregation, soil contamination, chemical control, transport effects, noise and even fire ant prevention, etc.

In either case, compliance with the ISO 14001 international environmental management standard is achievable through adaptation to suit a company's operations.

As with work health and safety, this management requirement can be integrated into the quality management system of the company.


Bizfit Management Systems can provide a wide range of internal auditing services from the conduct of full compliance ISO audits to customised audits specifically designed to suit a company’s control needs or a company's own client requirements (not necessarily compliant with ISO 9001). We are also able to provide appropriate internal audit training and can provide a Statement of Attainment upon completion of a specific training program. Correspondence training is also available for companies in remote areas.


In some instances, customers are requiring pre-qualification status as well as quality management in order for businesses to be eligible to work for them. This is a particular requirement of customers who wish to asses the level of capability of a company wishing to work for them. Bizfit Management Systems can assist companies to interpret the customer's documentation for achieving these pre-qualification requirements. We are also able to assist companies to develop their own pre-qualification requirements for their own suppliers and subcontractors.


Bizfit Management Systems is well qualified to provide a wide range of training  in quality management, occupational health and safety and systems internal auditing. We have been doing this since the early 1990s and have a lot of experience in addressing both management and company personnel on the commitment needed and why. Training courses have been developed to be succinct, low cost and keeping the time factor to an absolute minimum to reduce personnel downtime without compromising understanding.

A Statement of Attainment is provided.

We also provide training sessions for staff to ensure they understand their commitment requirements so that the business is not disadvantaged during an audit where staff are found not complying with procedures or not understanding the implemented systems