HOW TO IMPLEMENT Quality Assurance E-Book


The implementation guide is titled

"How to Implement Quality Assurance - A Small Business Guide"

It provides a simplified approach to not only understanding quality assurance and quality management

but also how to implement a simple auditable system for a small business


It has been written to assist small businesses how to implement such a system in the simplest possible way

without compromising the requirement to comply with the ISO 9001 standard.

However, this book is presently being re-written to address the latest ISO 9001-2016 standard

but the older version to ISO 9001-2008 is still available


There is a disturbing trend occurring in some industries where customers are requiring small businesses to gain certification from a JASANZ accredited auditing organisation. In many cases these demands are brought about not because customers are seeking better managed companies but because the certification provides a useful tool to cull the number of businesses wishing to tender for work. Having said that, a small business can still benefit significantly from implementing such a system since it develops a culture of control and recording which, in turn, enhances management's ability to identify improvements.


JASANZ certification is often too costly for very small businesses and, in many cases, is a requirement totally out of proportion to the type of work being offered.  When the cost of quality management implementation is added to certification costs the resulting financial imposition is quite restrictive.


This book should assist these small businesses not only to understand what the concept is but also to tackle such an implementation program on their own. Readers should be aware that the basics described in this book might be frowned upon by the elite practitioners of quality management but I can assure you, the methods work. Many businesses have been recognised after following these methods.


The book's content includes:


Understanding Quality Management

Quality Management & Business Improvement

Procedure Structure

Procedure Content

Sample Documents

Best Practice Considerations


Each of these sections can be purchased separately.